Excel Training - Beginner Course

Learn basic Excel skills on our intensive one-day course.

Learn how to analyse, share and manage your day-to-day data using Excel spreadsheets on our one-day course. 

Our Excel Training beginner course, includes creating and formatting spreadsheets and charts, learning to sort and filter and gaining an understanding of Excel’s advanced formulas and functions. View our full Excel Beginner Course Outline below. You can build on this course with the Intermediate and Advanced levels when it suits.

Excel Training - Beginner Course

Learn how to analyse, share and manage your day-to-day data using Excel spreadsheets on our one-day course.
₱ 18,200
10 max
1 day
₱ 18,200
10 max
1 day


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses suitable for an Excel beginner?

Yes, our Excel Beginner course is aimed at those with little or no experience in Excel. You will learn all key basic Excel skills and be ready to put them into practice in the workplace. We also offer Excel Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Specialist courses for those looking to take the next step.

Excel Beginner Course Details

₱ 18,200
1 day
9am - 4pm ( approx )
Class Size (max)
Class Size (avg)
Reference Materials
CPD Hours
6 hours
Instructor-led training
Live Online
Remote Classes

Excel Beginner Course Details

₱ 18,200
1 day
9am - 4pm ( approx )
Class Size (max)
Class Size (avg)
Reference Materials
CPD Hours
6 hours
Instructor-led training
Live Online
Lumify Philippines
17F SM Aura Tower
Bonifacio Global City

Excel Course Outlines

  • Excel Beginner
    ₱ 18,200
  • Excel Intermediate
    ₱ 19,400
  • Excel Advanced
    ₱ 19,600
  • Excel Expert
    ₱ 22,500
  • MO-201 Excel Certification
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What do I need to know to attend?

There are no requirements for the Excel Beginner course. The course is suitable for people who have never worked with Excel or have just had very limited exposure to it. We will walk you through it, right from the start.

Excel Beginner Learning Outcomes

  • Create and work with a new workbook
  • Open and navigate within workbooks and worksheets
  • Understand and work with ranges in a worksheet
  • Understand, create, and work with formulas and functions
  • Use font formatting techniques
  • Format rows and columns in a worksheet
  • Use a range of techniques to work with worksheets
  • Sort data in a list in a worksheet
  • Create effective charts in Microsoft Excel
  • Apply a variety of page setup techniques
  • Print your workbook data

Excel Beginner Course Content

  • Your First Workbook 
  • Understanding Workbooks 
  • Using the Blank Workbook Template 
  • Typing Text 
  • Typing Numbers 
  • Typing Dates 
  • Understanding the Fill Handle 
  • Typing Formulas 
  • Easy Formulas 
  • Saving a New Workbook on Your Computer 
  • Checking the Spelling 
  • Making Basic Changes 
  • Safely Closing a Workbook
  • Working With Workbooks 
  • Opening an Existing Workbook 
  • Navigating a Workbook 
  • Navigating Using the Keyboard 
  • Using Go To 
  • Recent Files and Folders 
  • Understanding Data Editing 
  • Overwriting Cell Contents 
  • Editing Longer Cells 
  • Editing Formulas 
  • Clearing Cells 
  • Deleting Data 
  • Using Undo and Redo
  • Cells and Ranges
  • Understanding Cells and Ranges 
  • Selecting Contiguous Ranges
  • Selecting Non Contiguous Ranges
  • Using Special Selection Techniques
  • Selecting Larger Ranges 
  • Selecting Rows 
  • Selecting Columns 
  • Understanding Copying in Excel 
  • Using Fill for Quick Copying 
  • Copying From One Cell to Another
  • Cells and Ranges (cont'd)
  • Copying From One Cell to a Range 
  • Copying From One Range to Another 
  • Understanding Filling 
  • Filling a Series 
  • Filling a Growth Series 
  • Extracting With Flash Fill 
  • More Complex Flash Fill Extractions 
  • Understanding Moving in Excel 
  • Moving Cells and Ranges 
  • Moving by Dragging
  • Formulas and Functions 
  • Understanding Formulas 
  • Creating Formulas That Add 
  • Creating Formulas That Subtract 
  • Formulas That Multiply and Divide 
  • Understanding Functions 
  • Using the SUM Function to Add 
  • Summing Non-Contiguous Ranges 
  • Calculating an Average 
  • Finding a Maximum Value 
  • Finding a Minimum Value 
  • Formulas and Functions (cont'd)
  • Creating More Complex Formulas 
  • What if Formulas 
  • Absolute Versus Relative Referencing 
  • Relative Formulas 
  • Problems With Relative Formulas 
  • Creating Absolute References 
  • Creating Mixed References 
  • Common Error Messages
  • Worksheet Appearance 
  • Understanding Font Formatting 
  • Working With Live Preview 
  • Changing Fonts 
  • Changing Font Size 
  • Growing and Shrinking Fonts 
  • Making Cells Bold 
  • Italicising Text 
  • Underlining Text 
  • Changing Font Colours 
  • Changing Background Colours
  • Worksheet Appearance (cont'd)
  • Using the Format Painter 
  • Applying Strikethrough 
  • Subscripting Text 
  • Superscripting Text 
  • Understanding Cell Alignment 
  • Horizontal Cell Alignment 
  • Vertical Cell Alignment 
  • Indenting Cells 
  • Understanding Number Formatting 
  • Applying General Formatting 
  • Formatting for Money 
  • Worksheet Appearance (cont'd) 
  • Formatting Percentages 
  • Formatting as Fractions 
  • Formatting as Dates 
  • Using the Thousands Separator 
  • Increasing and Decreasing Decimals 
  • Understanding Borders 
  • Applying a Border to a Cell 
  • Applying a Border to a Range 
  • Applying a Bottom Border 
  • Applying Top and Bottom Borders 
  • Removing Borders
  • Worksheet Layout 
  • Approximating Column Widths 
  • Setting Precise Columns Widths 
  • Setting the Default Column Width 
  • Approximating Row Height 
  • Setting Precise Row Heights 
  • Hiding Rows and Columns 
  • Unhiding Rows and Columns 
  • Understanding Worksheets 
  • Changing the Worksheet View 
  • Worksheet Zooming 
  • Viewing the Formula Bar 
  • Viewing Worksheet Gridlines 
  • Inserting Cells Into a Worksheet 
  • Worksheet Layout (cont'd)
  • Deleting Cells From a Worksheet 
  • Inserting Columns Into a Worksheet 
  • Inserting Rows Into a Worksheet 
  • Deleting Rows and Columns 
  • More Than One Worksheet 
  • Worksheet Wisdom
  • Worksheet Techniques 
  • Inserting and Deleting Worksheets 
  • Copying a Worksheet 
  • Renaming a Worksheet 
  • Moving a Worksheet 
  • Hiding a Worksheet 
  • Unhiding a Worksheet 
  • Copying a Sheet to Another Workbook 
  • Moving a Sheet to Another Workbook 
  • Changing Worksheet Tab Colours
  • Worksheet Techniques (cont'd)
  • Grouping Worksheets 
  • Hiding Rows and Columns 
  • Unhiding Rows and Columns 
  • Freezing Rows and Columns 
  • Splitting Windows 
  • New Windows
  • Sorting and Filtering Data 
  • Understanding Lists 
  • Performing an Alphabetical Sort 
  • Performing a Numerical Sort 
  • Sorting on More Than One Column 
  • Understanding Filtering 
  • Applying and Using a Filter 
  • Clearing a Filter 
  • Creating Compound Filters 
  • Multiple Value Filters 
  • Creating Custom Filters 
  • Using Wildcards
  • Creating Charts 
  • Understanding the Charting Process 
  • Choosing the Right Chart 
  • Using a Recommended Chart 
  • Creating a New Chart From Scratch 
  • Working With an Embedded Chart 
  • Resizing a Chart 
  • Repositioning a Chart 
  • Printing an Embedded Chart 
  • Creating a Chart Sheet
  • Creating Charts (cont'd)
  • Changing the Chart Type 
  • Changing the Chart Layout 
  • Changing the Chart Style 
  • Printing a Chart Sheet 
  • Embedding a Chart Into a Worksheet 
  • Deleting a Chart
  • Page Setup 
  • Strategies for Printing Worksheets 
  • Understanding Page Layout 
  • Using Built in Margins 
  • Setting Custom Margins 
  • Changing Margins by Dragging 
  • Centring on a Page 
  • Changing Orientation 
  • Specifying the Paper Size 
  • Setting the Print Area 
  • Clearing the Print Area 
  • Inserting Page Breaks 
  • Page Setup (cont'd)
  • Using Page Break Preview 
  • Removing Page Breaks 
  • Setting a Background 
  • Clearing the Background 
  • Settings Rows as Repeating Print Titles 
  • Clearing Print Titles 
  • Printing Gridlines 
  • Printing Headings 
  • Scaling to a Percentage 
  • Fit to a Specific Number of Pages
  • Printing 
  • Understanding Printing 
  • Previewing Before You Print 
  • Selecting a Printer 
  • Printing a Range 
  • Printing an Entire Workbook 
  • Specifying the Number of Copies 
  • The Print Options 
  • Supplementary Content 
  • Applying Borders
  • Using brackets in excel formulas
  • The Quick Analysis Tools
  • Starting With Excel Online
  • Working With Excel Online

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