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Excellent teacher, great content, Thank you!
Xenia - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Perry was very patient and knowledgeable. He explained everything clearly and I learnt a lot. Thank You Perry. Great course structure and facilities.
Joanne - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Very in depth - a shame we couldn't cover all topics.
Llewellyn - Power BI Intermediate Remote West, .
Really good, I liked that we didn't spend too much time on just creating visuals.
Luke - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Everything explained really well.
Nishand - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Sue did well. the course was much easier being completed in the classroom with multiple screens compared to the beginner course I did was off the laptop. A few random events occurred like data view not showing the data but was able to be used in the report which was interesting... wasnt able to be interrogated due to time but would be interested to know why....
Nic - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
The trainer delivered the content in such a way that I could follow the process well
Rebecca - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Thank you.
Simon - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Got the info across well
Colin - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Very Good
Rikki - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Well done, you managed to get us finished even with a slight delay to the start of the day. Course was pitched at the right level, and you were very helpful.
Leanne - Excel Beginner Adelaide, .
THINH - Microsoft 365 Beginner Remote East, .
Nicholas was very organised in his presentation and ensured that he had covered all topics in the course manual. Also, he was cautious of the time all throughout the session. He was also patient and showed interest in dealing with various questions and clarifications. I have learned a lot and would recommend this training to my colleagues.
Joanne - Power BI Intermediate Remote East, .
Tim was absolutely excellent at delivering this course. Thought with advanced I might be a little lost with some of the content but he never once lost anyone in his explanations, very detailed and thorough with explanations. Really recommend Tim for this course, he knows his stuff, will definitely look at taking another course in the future.
Rachel - Excel Advanced Melbourne, .
Loved it! He was so gracious in allowing me to go back a few times as I could not find a section. I have also come away with some really good knowledge of the apps to use.
Joanne - Microsoft 365 Beginner Remote East, .
Tims excellent, had him for intermediate and advanced courses now. Wish could go slowly over mulitple topics, but he is terrific with time he has. Thanks.
Daniel - Excel Advanced Melbourne, .
She is good. Gave lots of attention on difficults
Camila - R Intermediate Brisbane, .
Steven was very knowledgeable and used great examples and scenarios. Interacted well with all and got us all involved. Easy to follow and understand
Nerida - Microsoft 365 Beginner Remote East, .
sejun - Excel Advanced Melbourne, .
Thank you for all your help.
Alana - R Intermediate Brisbane, .

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