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The instructor teaches power query functionalities very clearly. He also provided some examples that can be used for reporting purposes. Thanks for the lecture.
Kim - Power BI Intermediate Manila, .
The trainer explained things well and took the time to answer all questions
Masi - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Knowledgeable and thorough.. Think the data manipulation should have been in the basic
Kahli - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Perry is very helpful
Lien - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Easy to follow and really helpful.
David - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Very thorough.
Cara - Microsoft 365 Intermediate Remote West, .
simple and easy to catch up!
Joseph - Microsoft 365 Intermediate Singapore, .
Wak - Microsoft 365 Intermediate Singapore, .
Friendly and knowledgeable!
Jake - Microsoft 365 Intermediate Perth, .
Well presented
Natasha - Excel Advanced Remote East, .
Very Helpful, great session.
radhika27* - Excel Intermediate Sydney, .
all good
christian - Excel Intermediate Sydney, .
Thank you Martin
Anwaar - Excel Intermediate Sydney, .
Very interesting and useful information to assist with profession.
John - Excel Intermediate Sydney, .
Awesome presentation very engaging
Steve - Excel Intermediate Sydney, .
Greg made the class fun and he was easy to understand, answered all our questions. Highly recommend Nexacu!
Felicity - Power BI Advanced Remote East, .
Ulfa was very clear in her instruction and took time throughout the day to ensure that all students were keeping up and had no issues with the content. I like to write notes as I go when learning new things and would prefer the option to have hard copy or an editable soft copy set of notes for use in class to annotate with screen grabs or handwriting/typing the great tips we received during the lesson, keeping them in place, which would make going back over the content more effective. I appreciate that the manual is available online, but some context is lost from learning when the materials are separated from the class activity.
Elise - R Beginner Brisbane, .
Really great he provided a great learning experience and touching on all important key part of Power BI
Patrick - Power BI Advanced Remote East, .
Some refresh and some new skills. Thank-you for showing me how to stop using macros
Kevinb - Excel Advanced Remote East, .
Greg was great and very knowledgable!
Amber - Power BI Advanced Remote East, .

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