Microsoft Teams Essentials - Hong Kong

Learn Teams to optimise online collaboration.

Teams is the cornerstone of Microsoft 365 and understanding how to effectively use it, will allow you and your team to benefit for its many built-in capabilities.

Our Teams course introduces the broad range of abilities that Teams provides to get you up and running fast. It is delivered remotely across Hong Kong. You will learn how to use chat, create channels, schedule video calls, effectively run and participate in virtual meetings, integrate apps, automate approvals, store files and more. Detailed course outline below. 

Microsoft Teams Essentials - Hong Kong

Learn how to use Microsoft Teams and empower your team for efficient online collaboration. Train remotely across Hong Kong.

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Teams Essentials Hong Kong Course Details

1 day
9am - 4pm ( approx )
Class Size (max)
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Reference Materials
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6 hours
Instructor-led training
Live Online

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What do I need to know to attend?

This is an introductory course designed for people new to Microsoft Teams. This is course is appropriate to encourage effective adoption of Microsoft 365 and teams in the workplace.

Teams Essentials Hong Kong Learning Outcomes

  • Work with Microsoft Teams
  • Create a Team
  • Create a conversation thread
  • Use Private Chat
  • Review Activities in Teams


  • Create Meetings in Teams
  • Create Approvals in Teams
  • Work with files in Teams
  • Connect Apps in Teams
  • Manage Teams

Teams Essentials Hong Kong Course Content

  • Introduction
  • What is Microsoft Teams?
  • Accessing the Web Version of Teams
  • Accessing the Teams Mobile App
  • Opening the Teams Desktop Client 


  • Creating a Team
  • Create a Private Team
  • Private Teams V Public Teams
  • Team Members & Owners
  • Structure of a Team
  • Channels
  • Tabs
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Personal settings


  • Working with Teams
  • Get a link to a team
  • Get a link to a channel
  • Links for non-team members


  • Private Chats in Teams
  • Teams Chat
  • Organising Chats
  • Status Indicators
  • Priority people when Do Not Disturb is set
  • Saving Posts and Chats
  • Reading Saved Messages
  • Sharing Files in Chats
  • Working Asynchronously
  • Alerts in Teams for Urgent Work


  • Audio & Video Meetings in Chats
  • Video and Audio Chats & Meetings
  • Sharing Screens


  • Working in Teams Channels
  • Posts in Channels
  • Mentions in Posts
  • Post Reactions
  • Post Actions Menu
  • Organise Teams, Channels and Chats
  • Sending emails to Teams
  • Remove a channel's Email address


  • Working with Files in Teams
  • Files in Channels
  • SharePoint Libraries and Teams Files
  • Creating a new Document inside a Team
  • Collaborating on Files
  • Conversation on a File
  • Comments in a Document
  • Files App in Teams
  • OneDrive in Teams
  • Moving Files between OneDrive and Teams and SharePoint Libraries


  • Meetings In Teams
  • Creating a Meeting in Calendar
  • Creating a Scheduled Meeting in a Channel
  • Starting an ad hoc meeting in a Channel
  • Checking your Audio & Video Device settings
  • Make a Test Call
  • Send a Meeting Link
  • Setting Meeting Options
  • Meeting Lobby
  • Reactions in Meetings
  • Chat in Meetings


  • Meetings In Teams (cont'd)
  • Meetings App
  • Pre-loading Polls in a Meeting
  • Meeting Notes
  • Sharing screens
  • Sharing Screens v Sharing Windows
  • Using Whiteboard
  • Using PowerPoint Live
  • Recording Meetings
  • Transcripts
  • Gallery & Together Mode


  • Working with Tasks in Teams
  • Working with Tasks in Teams
  • Tasks from Todo and Planner in Teams
  • Working with Planner App in Teams
  • Creating a New Plan
  • Buckets and Cards
  • Assigning Tasks with Cards
  • Using Cards instead of messages
  • Tracking the Status of your Plans
  • Creating Tasks from Posts 


  • Capturing Knowledge for Reuse
  • OneNote in Teams
  • Creating Notebooks
  • Creating Sections
  • Creating Pages
  • Using OneNote for Meetings
  • Assigning Tasks from Meetings Minutes in OneNote
  • Sharing OneNote Notebooks
  • Wiki untangled
  • Wiki in a channel
  • Personal Wiki
  • Wiki elsewhere in O365
  • Collaborating with the Wiki App Using @mentions in Wiki


  • Apps in Teams
  • Apps in Microsoft Teams
  • Chat and Channel Tab Apps
  • Bot Apps
  • App in a Team Channel
  • Using the MS Forms Channel Bot
  • Creating a quick poll with the Forms Bot
  • Connector Apps
  • Adding an RSS Connector
  • Modifying a Connector Messaging Apps
  • Adding a Messaging App
  • Personal Apps


  • Approvals in Teams
  • Creating a Basic Approval Request
  • Custom Responses in Approvals
  • Approval Templates
  • Create an Approval Form from a Template
  • Assign an Approval to a Team
  • Export Approval Records 


  • Managing a Team
  • Managing Team Members Pending requests to join a team
  • Guests in Teams
  • Limitations for Guests Restricting Guests via Administration
  • Settings for a Team
  • Uploading a Team Picture Member permissions
  • Default permissions
  • Guest permissions
  • @mention settings
  • Turn off @mentions


  • Managing a Team (cont'd)
  • Fun stuff
  • Emojis
  • Stickers
  • Animated GIFs
  • How a Team code works
  • Reset a code
  • Remove a code
  • Using a Team Code
  • Archive your team
  • Read only archived team
  • Restore an archived team

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