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Microsoft Teams Essentials - Hong Kong

Learn Teams to optimise online collaboration.

Our Teams essentials course introduces the core elements of Teams, SharePoint and Power Automate to get you up and running fast. You will learn how to use chat, create channels, schedule video calls, integrate apps, automate workflows, store files and more. Detailed course outline below.

Instructor-led training, delivered remotely across Hong Kong.

Microsoft Teams Essentials - Hong Kong

Teams Nexacu Asia
Learn how to use Microsoft Teams and empower your team for efficient online collaboration. Train remotely across Hong Kong.
10 max
1 day

Teams Essentials Hong Kong Course Details

1 day
9am - 4pm ( approx )
Class Size (max)
Class Size (avg)
Reference Materials
CPD Hours
6 hours
Instructor-led training
Live Online
16F & 17F
700 Nathan Road
Hong Kong

Teams Course Outlines

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What do I need to know to attend?

This is an introductory course designed for people new to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. This is course is appropriate to encourage effective adoption of Office 365 and teams in the workplace.

Teams Essentials Hong Kong Learning Outcomes

  • Work with Microsoft Teams
  • Create a Team
  • Create a conversation thread
  • Use Private Chat
  • Review Activities in Teams


  • Understand SharePoint Online
  • Use Planner to Assign Tasks
  • Use connectors to Office 365 apps
  • Work with Office Online Suite
  • Create Automated Flows

Teams Essentials Hong Kong Course Content

  • Teams
  • Access Microsoft Teams
  • Access web version
  • Download Desktop Version
  • Mobile Version


  • Create a Team
  • Private vs public teams
  • Add Team Members
  • Add Team Owners
  • Create Channels
  • Add a Website Tab


  • Conversations
  • Private chat v group chat
  • Channel Conversations
  • Mention a team
  • Mention a person
  • Mention a channel
  • Like a message
  • Save s message
  • View saved messages
  • Mark message as unread


  • Private Chat
  • One-on-one chat
  • Group private chat


  • Activities Feed
  • Review activities in Teams
  • Filter feed
  • My Activity Feed
  • Follow a Channel
  • Favourite a Channel


  • File Management
  • Understanding file storage in Microsoft Teams
  • Team files
  • Create a file
  • Upload files
  • Find files
  • Chat about files
  • Editing files
  • Make the file a tab
  • Additional cloud storage
  • Quick access to recent files


  • Calendar management
  • Create a meetings
  • Manage scheduled events


  • Calls
  • Video calls
  • Audio calls
  • Conference calls
  • Share Desktop


  • Search
  • Search Teams
  • Search Commands


  • Integrate apps
  • Personal View
  • Integration types
  • Channel Tabs


  • Teams and O365 Groups
  • Create a Group
  • Create a Team for an existing group
  • Group conversation vs conversation in Teams
  • Group Calendar
  • Group Notebook (OneNote)
  • Group Planner
  • Group Site
  • Delete a Group


  • SharePoint Online
  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • SharePoint Site Collections


  • SharePoint Sites
  • Team Site
  • Creating a New Team Site
  • Site Contents and Settings
  • Deleting a Site


  • SharePoint Libraries
  • Creating a new document library
  • Creating a folder
  • Create a new file
  • Upload an existing file


  • SharePoint Lists
  • Creating a New List
  • Adding items to a list
  • Adding list columns
  • Editing list items
  • Deleting a SharePoint Site


  • Teams and SharePoint
  • Group site vs Team site
  • Team document library
  • Additional SharePoint
  • Libraries/Lists Pages
  • Delete the Team


  • Office Online and OneDrive
  • What is Office Online
  • What is OneDrive
  • Accessing Office Online


  • Word Online
  • Creating a New Word Doc
  • Using OneDrive to manage files
  • Editing a document
  • Sharing a document
  • Co-authoring a document
  • Delete files and folders


  • Power Automate
  • Introduction to Power Automate
  • Purpose of Power Automate
  • Why use Power Automate?
  • What kind of tasks can Power Automate perform?
  • How should you use Power Automate?
  • Accessing Power Automate


  • Power Automate Interface
  • Suite Bar
  • My Flows
  • Team Flows
  • How to view Team Flows Approvals
  • Approvals
  • How to view approval requests
  • Templates & Connectors


  • Designing a Flow in Power Automate
  • What’s in the gallery of templates?


  • Flow 1: save email attachments
  • Creating a flow from the gallery
  • Editing a flow
  • Building blocks of the flow
  • Testing Flow
  • Flow 2: Regular Reminders
  • Create the flow
  • Run now feature
  • Disabling a flow


  • Flow 3: Sync Calendars
  • Add a Condition to a Flow


  • Flow 4: Send a Newsletter
  • Fixing Failed Flows
  • Deleting Flows


  • OneNote Online
  • What is OneNote?
  • Accessing OneNote Online


  • Creating and Using OneNote
  • The OneNote Online Interface
  • Sections & Pages
  • Working with text
  • Images in OneNote
  • Drawing in OneNote
  • Delete OneNote file


  • Planner
  • What is Planner?
  • Accessing Planner


  • The Planner Hub
  • Creating a New Plan
  • Managing team members
  • Creating Tasks
  • Managing Tasks
  • Working with Buckets
  • Moving Tasks into Buckets
  • Planner Views
  • Charts and Schedules
  • Deleting Tasks
  • Deleting Plans

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