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January 29, 2021

WaterNSW Transform with Microsoft Cloud Services

Looking to the future WaterNSW's sought to ensure processes and information systems could carry across the whole of the organisation to ensure seamless operation as they grew. With Microsoft's cloud products they achieved this and improved experiences for employees and customers alike.
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power apps training courses nexacu
January 22, 2021

Power Apps Cheat Sheet

Microsoft's Power Apps allows for the creation of quick, low-code apps without the need for a developer. However, the platforms vast functionality means beginning the process can be daunting. Read on for tips and tricks designed to make starting out as smooth as possible.
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Power BI Video Series
November 23, 2020

How to export from Power BI

Power BI Video Series | Episode 6

Learn about the different options available when exporting from Power BI in this short tutorial video by Microsoft Certified Trainer, Steven Knight.

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Office 365 Shortcuts
November 19, 2020

Microsoft Office 365 Shortcuts

Introducing keyboard shortcuts to your day can increase speed and enhance productivity! These Microsoft Office 365 shortcuts have been compiled to assist you to do just that. 
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Power BI Video Series
November 09, 2020

Power BI Filters and Interactions

Power BI Video Series | Episode 4
Learn how to use filters, slicers and interact with visualizations in Power BI in this short tutorial video by Microsoft Certified Trainer, Steven Knight.

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Power BI Video Series
November 03, 2020

How to Navigate Power BI

Power BI Video Series | Episode 3
A quick video guide covering how to best navigate Power BI reports and dashboards from experienced Microsoft Certified Trainer, Steven Knight.

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Power BI Video Series
October 27, 2020

How to access an App in Power BI

Power BI Video Series | Episode 2
Learn how to access Power BI Apps published by your organization in this short tutorial video by Microsoft Certified Trainer, Steven Knight.


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Good and helpful session with few good tips & tricks -Power BI Advanced Perth
Savita - Power BI Advanced, .
Great Course. Well presented as always. -Power BI Advanced Perth
Ben - Power BI Advanced, .
Excellent day. Intense, great to work with. -Power BI Advanced Perth
Diane - Power BI Advanced, .
Excellent content and trainer -Power BI Advanced Perth
Michael - Power BI Advanced, .
The course content was very good and I can see myself using a lot of the features demonstrated today. It was a bit challenging during the morning session with one participant who did not have the most up to date version of the software, which was hard for her, and also held up the session a bit. The afternoon session flowed better and I got a lot of value out of the dashboards and slicing. -Analysis & Dashboards Brisbane
Hilda - Analysis & Dashboards, .
Jason is an excellent Instructor in that he went at a steady pace and has a manner that made me feel relaxed and, in turn, made it very easy to pick up the skills. -Excel Customised Canberra
Jordan - Excel Customised, .
Covered lots of info and cheat options -Excel Customised Canberra
Nathan - Excel Customised, .
Good class, much more confident with excel now -Excel Customised Canberra
Abdul - Excel Customised, .
the Course was great, learnt a lot of different formulas and how to use charts, graphs in our situation. Well Worth it. -Excel Customised Canberra
Tania - Excel Customised, .
Very helpful and will assist with my job -Excel Customised Canberra
James - Excel Customised, .
Good course with a good instructor. Learned a few valuable steps for work and life. -Excel Customised Canberra
pat - Excel Customised, .
Jason was very easy to understand and clear instructions, happy with how the training program went -Excel Customised Canberra
Sam - Excel Customised, .
Trainer was fantastic -Excel Customised Canberra
Jake - Excel Customised, .
great -Excel Customised Canberra
rhys - Excel Customised, .
It was well structured and clearly communicated, would recommend. -Power BI Intermediate Sydney
Hugh - Power BI Intermediate, .
Good, at times bit fast to catch up. -Power BI Intermediate Sydney
Sangeetha - Power BI Intermediate, .
Excellent trainer and the course is structured well. -Power BI Intermediate Sydney
Binesh - Power BI Intermediate, .
Instructor is very good, the pace is right. -Power BI Intermediate Sydney
Jonathan - Power BI Intermediate, .
Very good course. -Power BI Intermediate Sydney
Abhash - Power BI Intermediate, .
GREAT COURSE -Project Beginner Adelaide
Nathan - Project Beginner, .

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