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What is Financial Modelling?

What is Financial Modelling? It's a term we hear but often have very different ideas about what constitutes financial modelling. So how do we define it? Nexacu offer an introductory course for Financial Modelling in Excel.

What is Financial Modelling?

What is Financial Modelling? It's a term we hear but often have very different ideas about what constitutes financial modelling. So how do we define it? Nexacu offer an introductory course for Financial Modelling in Excel.

Excel sheet drop down list on laptop - Nexacu
How to create a drop-down list in Excel

Take your data entry skills in Excel to the next level with the invaluable tool of custom drop-down lists. Explore this all-inclusive guide that not only introduces a straightforward five-step method but also provides invaluable expert insights and strategies for crafting personalised drop-down lists that will turbocharge your spreadsheet efficiency.

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How Corporations Boost Marketing with AI-Powered Content

Now that AI marketing has surged beyond previous expectations, the question echoes: "How can marketers harness AI?" The realm of AI is redefining programmatic ad efficiency, personalising websites, forecasting behaviours, and much more in the digital marketing landscape.

Hand with ring typing - Nexacu
Microsoft Office 365 Shortcuts
In this comprehensive guide, we unveil a curated collection of keyboard shortcuts designed to turbocharge your productivity across five core Microsoft applications: Outlook, OneNote, Planner, PowerPoint, and Sway. These shortcuts are your secret weapons, poised to streamline your workflows, saving you precious time and effort.
Mining quarry Nexacu
ChatGPT in Mining Operations

Discover how ChatGPT AI revolutionises the mining industry, enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability. From accurate geological mapping to real-time safety alerts, learn how AI transforms mining operations.

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The Difference Between Pressing 'Enter' and 'Shift Enter' in Word

Discover the subtle yet impactful differences between using Enter and Shift-Enter in Microsoft Word. Learn how these techniques can enhance your document formatting, from line breaks to bulleted lists. Elevate your Word skills and optimise your content's appearance with expert insights and training.

Lovewell Foundation - Nexacu
About Lovewell Foundation

Our move to upgrade our office computers in Australia marks a testament to our commitment to excellence. Partnering with the Lovewell Foundation, we've repurposed our functional laptops to empower women to rebuild their lives. This collaboration embodies the fusion of innovation and compassion, amplifying the impact of technology for positive change.

Businessman reviewing Power BI charts Nexacu
Top Features of Power BI

When it comes to modern data analysis and business intelligence, few tools can rival the prowess of Microsoft Power BI. This cutting-edge platform has earned its reputation as a game-changer, empowering organisations to unlock the full potential of their data. 

AI meets human Nexacu
Navigating Ethics & Responsible Use of ChatGPT

Master ethical and responsible use of ChatGPT in corporate environments. Navigate AI ethics, transparency, data privacy, and fairness, and unlock AI's potential while upholding principles that drive growth and trust by reading this blog. 

How Learning Python Enhances Skills in Power BI, Excel and SQL

Discover the transformative potential of Python, the versatile programming language, as it weaves a thread of innovation across diverse professional domains. From SQL to Power BI and Excel, this article unveils how Python's prowess enhances the skills of students, opening new doors to opportunities. Explore the dynamic synergy between Python and these streams, forging a path of continuous growth and cross-disciplinary expertise.

How Learning R Programming Enhances Skills in Power BI, Excel and SQL

In the realm of skill acquisition, programming languages are akin to a toolkit of superpowers. Among these, 'R programming' stands out as a true marvel, capable of enhancing expertise across varied domains, from Power BI, Excel, to SQL. This article serves as a guiding light, illuminating the multifaceted ways in which mastering 'R programming' can elevate proficiency and unearth insights that were once beyond reach.

Leveraging Multilingual ChatGPT Nexacu
Leveraging Multilingual ChatGPT for Global Business Expansion

Discover the game-changing power of Multilingual ChatGPT for global business expansion. Break language barriers, engage diverse audiences, and foster seamless communication with this innovative AI language model. Learn best practices, address privacy concerns, and unlock limitless possibilities for your business.

ChatGPT Nexacu
ChatGPT's Advanced Features & Enhancements

Discover the advanced features of ChatGPT, a revolutionary AI-powered language model transforming productivity. From personalised marketing campaigns to virtual training and multilingual support, learn how ChatGPT Plus enhances your AI experience.

How AI is Transforming Education with ChatGPT: A Deep Dive

The integration of AI and ChatGPT brings forth a remarkable transformation, redefining the way students learn and educators teach. By leveraging the extraordinary capabilities of AI and ChatGPT, personalised learning experiences are now within reach. 

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Do Employers Look for Candidates with Adobe Acrobat Certification?

Proficiency in Adobe Acrobat certification offers numerous advantages in today's job market. Employers value the expertise and proficiency that come with this certification, providing candidates with a competitive edge and opportunities for enhanced productivity and career growth.

Concentrated Young Caucasian Businessman
Is a Power BI Certification Right for Me?

Are you having second thoughts about whether pursuing a Power BI Certification is the right choice for you? Unlock the full potential of data analysis and intelligence by discovering the perfect course to navigate the data-driven landscape. Make an informed decision and unleash your data-driven success.

row of trucks with BI imagery
How is Power BI used in the Transport Industry?

Power BI's impact on the transport sector is nothing short of transformative. By providing real-time data visualization and analytics, it equips companies to streamline routes, monitor vehicle performance, and enhance operational efficiency. Transport professionals can harness its intuitive dashboards and interactive reports to make informed decisions, improve safety standards, and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

Robot Handshake Human Background Futuristic Digital Age
Unveiling the Power of ChatGPT: Unlocking Next-Level Conversations

Unveil ChatGPT's groundbreaking conversational power. Developed by OpenAI, it's reshaping AI interaction with exceptional language comprehension and generation abilities. Discover its real-world applications and future potential. Join our ChatGPT training course for an exciting journey into the world of AI.

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