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Career Pathways

Learn how to get started 

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How to become a Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst uses financial data to predict business outcomes which help their organisations make better business decisions.

The Financial Analyst job is very popular because it contains work in a wide range of industries, allows for future growth, and has high earning potential. This article looks at Financial Analysts, explaining how to be a Financial Analyst and what Financial Analysts do.


How to become a Data Visualisation Analyst

A Data Visualisation Analyst is someone who uses pictorial diagrams to represent data, making them easy to understand despite the complexity of the data.

The business world is now more data-driven than ever. To achieve business goals, businesses must glean insights from data to direct business decisions. The process involves aggregating data, analysing it for insights, and communicating valuable information so it is easily understood and accepted. The main goal of a Data Visualisation Analyst is to communicate information effectively.


How to become a Project Manager

Project Managers are skilled professionals whose job is to plan, coordinate and execute projects or companies’ objectives successfully and within a specific timeframe and budget. You can become a project manager by getting a degree in project management or switching from other fields.

The importance of project management in any organization cannot be over-emphasized.

Once implemented, an effective project management methodology helps companies’ operations run more smoothly, keeps teams and workers focused, on track, and empowers them to deliver results faster.

We’ve put together an extensive guide that can help you start your career as a project manager. Read on to find out what skills and certifications you need to become a project manager.


How to become a Business Analyst

Business Analysts evaluate different processes of an organisation, determining the various requirements the business may have. Through the use of data-driven approaches, Business Analysts are able to provide efficient business solutions to the organisation.

Business Analysts are the bridge between the IT and the business wings of an organisation. 

They enhance the business’s performance by understanding what it needs. Based on their research, they integrate IT solutions to solve problems in a data-driven manner.


How to become a Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers coordinate the social media activities of an individual or company. Social media marketing and brand promotion are the main responsibilities of this job. 

A Social Media Manager is assigned the duty to manage the social media content and engagement of an individual or a brand is called Social Media Manager. The person can be a permanent employee or a freelancer. 

A Social Media Manager can also manage the accounts of more than one individual or brand. 


How to become a Data Scientist

Data Scientists use numbers and figures relevant to a particular interest to determine trends and make inferences and predictions.

In the most straightforward words, a Data Scientist plays with numbers to help a brand move toward its goals. They gather appropriate data, turn them into a visual representation, and study trends to acquire valuable insight into a company’s marketing.


How to become a Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager forms and creates techniques that help organisations reach sales goals and enhance brand awareness. They promote services, businesses or products and ensure that the organisation communicates the perfect messages to attract clients.

Marketing Managers oversee a broad range of activities such as events, advertising, social media, etc. Their exact duties depend on the organisation.


How to become a Miner

The job of a miner is to find and extract ore from the earth either by digging shafts vertically into the ground or by drilling horizontally into it. 

This process of extracting material from the earth is called mining and involves pumping, drilling the earth's crust, blasting, and other manual or mechanical means. 


How to become a Sales Manager

A Sales Manager is a professional responsible for leading and motivating a team of salespeople.

They work to develop and implement sales strategies, manage client relationships, and train and coach sales representatives.


How to become a Teacher

Teaching is a job that comes with great responsibility. It is not only about imparting knowledge but also inspiring and making a difference in every student's life you encounter. 

There are three types of teachers that teach at three different levels. The types are Early Childhood teachers, Primary School teachers, and Secondary School teachers. These teachers have different qualifications, duties, and responsibilities. 


How to become a CEO

A chief executive officer, commonly known as a CEO, is an executive of a company who is responsible for the management and success of the organization.

A CEO's role differs from one organization to another, depending on the organization’s size, culture, and structure. However, CEOs are typically in charge of high-level strategic decisions that set the organization's overall direction. 


How to become a Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager (BDM) strives to create new commercial possibilities, strategic collaborations, and business relationships to benefit an organization. 

Business Development Managers negotiate with existing clientele or use their networks to locate and produce sales leads. You can think of them as marketing professionals responsible for promoting corporate expansion. Hence, this job holds a crucial position in the company as BDMs are in charge of establishing new revenue.


How to become a Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Managers plan warehouse activities at manufacturing facilities, retail chains, and distribution centers where large volumes of goods are produced, received, dispatched, and stored.

The Warehouse Manager is responsible for smooth operations in the warehouse. Their daily duties include monitoring employee productivity, planning and executing warehouse operations like receiving, sorting, storing, picking, packing, shipping, and overseeing the accurate recording of all orders in databases.


How to become a Pilot

A pilot is a person who is legally authorized to fly an aircraft, having obtained a licence to do so. They manage the take-off, landing, and mid-air steering of the air while coordinating with the air traffic control on the ground. 

There’s far more to being a pilot than pushing a few buttons and operating some levers. You are responsible for the safe journey of hundreds of people every day while ensuring that you can handle any catastrophes that arise mid-air.


How To become A Farmer

Being a Farmer is more about skills and experience than it is about qualifications. Farming is a rewarding but complex job. You need strong physical and character strength to enjoy your time in a field.

There is no prerequisite of formal education to become a Farmer. However, you will require a lot of personal skills, including planning, problem-solving, physical strength, and the willingness to live remotely.


How to become a Cyber Security Analyst

A Cyber Security Analyst is someone who protects computer networks from unauthorized access and cyberattacks. When cyber threats and security breaches occur, the Cyber Security Analyst will respond to them accordingly. This job requires you to protect your company's valuable data.

A Cyber Security Analyst does not only protect the organization's software but also the hardware and networks from loss, theft, or unauthorized access. When working in a small company, Cyber Security Analysts perform various cybersecurity tasks. However, they find themselves specializing in one aspect of larger cybersecurity projects.


How to become a Software Developer

A software developer is a professional skilled in designing and building computer programs and applications. The software developer job requires a mastery of various technical skills in computer programming. A career in this field can be physically and mentally taxing, but it is lucrative and rewarding. In today's world, a software developer is relevant in almost every industry, sector, and area of life.

A software developer is an expert that builds, designs, maintains, and deploys specific computer applications. Some developers specialise in developing mobile and desktop applications, while others build operating systems.  

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