Power BI Video Series

Navigating Power BI using Mobile View

December 07, 2020

Power BI Video Series | Episode 8

In this video series, Trainer Steven Knight covers key aspects of using Power BI Reports and Dashboards, in eight short & accessible episodes. This video is applicable for both Windows and Mac operating systems. This episode covers how to navigate Power BI whilst on mobile devices. 

Accessing Power BI on Your Mobile Device

Install the Power BI app from google play or App Store. Login to your relevant Office 365 account. You then can access shared dashboards, reports and apps as previously discussed in Episode 1 and Episode 2.

There are slight differences to desktop view and how you navigate within the interface, however, key functionality and features are the same.

Key Differences

When navigating on Mobile View a key different occurs in how you interact with visualizations. A click will not immediately take you to the page with relevant data, instead, a click will increase the size of the visualization. To go to the related report you must first click to enlarge the visual then click the graph symbol on the right corner. Other than this functionality is very much the same, it just looks a little different.

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