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Power BI Training - Beginner Course

Learn Power BI to create and collaborate on reports and interactive data visualisations.

Learn how to create powerful interactive dashboards, custom reports, analyze data and share insights on our One-day course. After the completion of this course you will be able to create rich dashboards available on every device, which will allow you to monitor your business and get answers quickly.

View our full Power BI Beginner course outline below.


Power BI Training - Beginner Course

Learn to use Power BI to create interactive dashboards, custom reports, analyse data and share insights.
฿ 8,300
10 max
1 day

Power BI Beginner Course Details

฿ 8,300
1 day
9am - 4pm ( approx )
Class Size (max)
Class Size (avg)
Reference Materials
CPD Hours
6 hours
Instructor-led training
Live Online
999 Gaysorn Plaza
5th Floor Unit 5B-1 Ploenchit Rd
Lumpini Patumwan
Bangkok 10330

Power BI Course Outlines

  • Power BI Beginner
    ฿ 8,300
  • Power BI Intermediate
    ฿ 12,800
  • Power BI Advanced
    ฿ 12,800
  • Power BI DAX
    ฿ 12,800
  • DA 100 Power BI Certification
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What do I need to know to attend?

  • No prior Power BI experience needed
  • Basic understanding of data and visualisation concepts (charts, figures)
  • Intermediate Excel usage (create Excel Tables and have knowledge of Pivot tables)
  • Knowledge of business Intelligence is an advantage but not necessary to benefit from the course
  • Attendees are encouraged to try out Power BI before attending, however also not necessary

Power BI Beginner Learning Outcomes

  • Understand self-service Business Intelligence
  • Build informative dashboards
  • Create many different visualisations
  • Run “Quick Insights” on a dashboard


  • Create interactive visuals
  • Design Mobile friendly Dashboards
  • Build a data model
  • Expand Datasets

Power BI Beginner Course Content

  • Introduction
  • A quick history of Business Intelligence
  • The development of Self Service Business Intelligence
  • Introducing the Power BI suite
  • Power BI Service, Power BI desktop & Power BI Mobile
  • Free versus Pro
  • Signing up to the Power BI online service
  • What sources of Data can I use?
  • Online Services
  • Azure & SSAS


  • Working with an Excel Workbook
  • Understanding the data you import
  • Creating Tables of data to put into the Power BI service
  • Where your workbook file is saved makes a difference
  • Uploading your Workbook data into Power BI
  • Importing your Workbook data into Power BI


  • Working with the Power BI service
  • The User Interface
  • My Workspace
  • Menus
  • The Fields Pane
  • Field Icons
  • Visualisations Pane


  • Visualisations
  • Overview of Visualisations
  • Creating and working with Visualisations
  • Creating a Bar Chart Visualisation
  • Creating a Column Chart
  • Visualisation
  • Creating a Line Chart Visualisation
  • Some basic formatting of Visualisations
  • Consistency of Style
  • Focus Mode
  • Creating a Card Visualisation
  • Giving Cards some impact
  • Creating a Table Visualisation
  • Creating a Matrix Visualisation


  • Working with Formats in a Visualisation
  • Axes
  • AData Labels
  • Titles
  • Sizing & Alignment
  • Data Colours, Backgrounds and Borders


  • Moving from Visualisations to Reports
  • Saving a Report
  • Adding Pages to your Reports
  • Renaming Report Pages
  • Re-using Visualizations
  • Building Narrative in your report
  • Editing & Reading Modes
  • Pie Chart Visualisations
  • Text Boxes
  • Shapes


  • Using Visual Interactions
  • Introducing Visual Interaction
  • Turning interaction On or Off
  • Interacting by Filtering, Highlighting or None


  • Working with Filters
  • Creating a Slicer
  • Filtering in the Visualisation pane
  • Creating a Visual Field filter
  • Creating a Top N Filter
  • Adding a page level Filter
  • Creating pages from page level filters
  • Add a report level Filter


  • Working with Reports
  • Printing your Reports
  • Export your Report to PowerPoint
  • Using a Power BI created PowerPoint file
  • Publishing to the Web – embed codes
  • Interacting with a Power BI created web page
  • Generating a QR code
  • Pasting and scanning a QR code
  • Possible uses for a QR code versus a web-link


  • Working with Dashboards
  • Adding Visualisations to your dashboard
  • Adding Visualisations from multiple reports
  • Pinning a Live Page
  • Web Content tiles
  • Text box Tiles
  • Video tiles
  • Generating Alerts from Cards and KPIs
  • Renaming Dashboards
  • Favourite Dashboards
  • Featured Dashboard
  • Printing Dashboards
  • Generating Alerts from Cards and KPIs


  • Q & A and Quick Insights
  • Making Visualisations with natural language queries
  • Create a Visual using Q&A
  • Modify a Q&A
  • Activating Quick Insights
  • Using Related Insights
  • Analyse data in a visual


  • Power BI Publisher for Excel
  • Installing Power BI Publisher for Excel
  • The Power BI Publisher for Excel ribbon
  • Connecting to your Power BI Profile
  • Pinning Ranges
  • Updating Pinned Ranges
  • Creating new Power BI Dashboards from inside Excel
  • Make a connection from your data in Power BI back to Excel


  • Sharing Dashboards
  • Sharing a Dashboard
  • Sharing Permissions
  • Sharing Links
  • Modifying Access to a shared Dashboard
  • Generating a QR code to share a Dashboard


  • Power BI Mobile
  • Installing the Power BI mobile apps Settings
  • Signing into your profile
  • Accessing samples
  • Interacting with Dashboards
  • Favourite Dashboards
  • Interacting with Reports
  • Pages in Reports
  • Annotating Reports
  • Sharing a Dashboard
  • QR Scanner


  • Refreshing Your Data
  • Refreshing your Datasets
  • Upload file to OneDrive
  • Load data from OneDrive file
  • Scheduled refresh on OneDrive
  • Updating data after changes


  • Data Normalisation
  • Overview of Data Normalisation
  • Normalising a dataset
  • Model
  • Using Query
  • Editor in Microsoft Excel
  • Fact and Dimension Tables


  • Power BI Desktop
  • Introducing Power BI Desktop
  • Connecting to a database
  • Building a Data Model
  • Using Query Editor
  • Formatting and Properties of Data types and their uses
  • Loading Individual Tables Relationships
  • Creating Relationships.
  • Deleting Relationships.


  • More Complex Visualisations
  • Create a Bubble Map Visualization
  • Create a Filled Map Visualization
  • Create a Gauge Visualization
  • Create a Tree Map Visualization
  • Choosing the right Visualisations


  • Using Custom Visual
  • Custom Visualisations Gallery
  • Installing a Custom Visualisation
  • Word Cloud
  • Chiclet Slicer
  • Enlighten Aquariuml


  • Access Databases and Power BI
  • Access Database & Power BI
  • Importing an Access Database
  • Data Relationships
  • Stacked Column Chart
  • Sorting an Existing Visualisation
  • Adding Depth to your Report
  • Focusing on Key Points of Interest
  • Calculated Columns
  • Adding a Calculated Column
  • Using a Calculated Column in a Calculation
  • Displaying Calculated Columns in a Visualisation


  • Content Samples
  • Viewing some content samples
  • Working through the Retail Analysis
  • Sample Pack


  • Getting Help
  • The official Microsoft Sources
  • Other sources of help


  • Extended Exercise – More Visuals
  • World Flag Slicer
  • Count Down Timer
  • Cards with States
  • Scroller

  • Data Normalisation Appendix
  • The Normal Forms
  • 1st Normal Form
  • 2nd Normal Form
  • 3rd Normal Form
  • Primary Keys
  • Relationships

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