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Good session on measures and translating excel knowledge to PowerBI
Mona - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Enjoyed the session, very thorough and moved at a good pace for our level
Huson - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Thank you for your detailed training. It was really indepth. I believe for myself that it could''ve been taught much quicker. But it was indeed detailed. Thanks
Genaz - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Trainer was knowledgeable and clear. Easy to keep up with
Lee-ann - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Maria - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
detailed and concise
Charmaine - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Great Presentation
Smita - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
Perry was patient and I was able to understand the intermediate course even if I did not attend the beginner course.
Brenda - Power BI Intermediate Perth, .
The trainer was great. Very thorough and answered questions very well.
Saad - Excel Intermediate Remote East, .
very patient and helpful but I felt like there was too much information in the time frame
Tania - Excel Intermediate Adelaide, .
Very helpful and worked at student pace and worked through any issues.
Kathrine - Excel Intermediate Adelaide, .
Too much information in one session. Trainer was very good, kept a good pace
Jennifer - Excel Intermediate Adelaide, .
alex - Excel Intermediate Adelaide, .
The trainer explained the components of the course thoroughly and efficiently and they helped students when needed.
Saraiya - Excel Intermediate Adelaide, .
Clear delivery of content and explanations
Nicole - Power BI Beginner Adelaide, .
Well presented
Matthew - Power BI Beginner Adelaide, .
Nice Experience from the trainer and explained all the basics of the PowerBI in a detailed and simple method.
Geethu - Power BI Beginner Adelaide, .
Detailed Training. Very patient and clarified doubts throughout the entire course.
Zehra - Power BI Beginner Adelaide, .
Very detailed and focuses on the important elements of powerBi.
Nifran - Power BI Beginner Adelaide, .
Awesome instruction
Sean - Power BI Beginner Adelaide, .

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