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good session -Power BI Advanced Perth
Vivian - Power BI Advanced, .
Great as usual very helpful and knowledgeable. Clarify a lot of questions I had -Power BI Advanced Perth
Marlon - Power BI Advanced, .
Good -Power BI Advanced Perth
Siby - Power BI Advanced, .
gd -Power BI Advanced Perth
Felix - Power BI Advanced, .
Good exercises -Power BI Advanced Perth
Tapan - Power BI Advanced, .
Good -Power BI Advanced Perth
James - Power BI Advanced, .
there was some very useful tips that I think I will use in my day to day use. It was a very fast paced and felt rushed. I think a full day would be more appropriate. The customised reports look useful. -Microsoft Applications - Customised Remote Online
Willie - Microsoft Applications - Customised, .
It was an excellent session. Jagg was very patient when participants experienced problems and willingly repeated information missed. The speed of presentation was good and steps taken were logical. There was a vast amount of information covered and I feel that I would benefit from repeating the session at another time to consolidate the information presented. I was very nervous coming into the session but found it very valuable and interesting. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Sheree - Excel Intermediate, .
Kept you well engaged and explains things extremely well. Questions were all very well answered. Really enjoyed the course and have learnt so much. Thank you -Excel Beginner Canberra
Juie - Excel Beginner, .
Very well presented and well spoken. Easy to understand all the content covered today. Very excited to do the intermediate course to continue learning and advancing in excel. -Excel Beginner Canberra
kaila - Excel Beginner, .
Ben was great trainer. Enjoyed the course. -Excel Intermediate Brisbane
Michelle - Excel Intermediate, .
Solid course. Quite dense, and a lot of good stuff to take away. Looking forward to the advanced course. -Excel Intermediate Brisbane
Graeme - Excel Intermediate, .
Ben was very clear in his delivery of the course. Good pace. -Excel Intermediate Brisbane
Laura - Excel Intermediate, .
- Appropriate pace - Clear communication - Covered relevant topics -Excel Intermediate Brisbane
Alysha - Excel Intermediate, .
Jason was excellent, very helpful and patient. He also made the group feel very welcomed. Great work! -Excel Beginner Canberra
Catherine - Excel Beginner, .
Very good coverage and presentation Easy to follow -Excel Intermediate Brisbane
Rob - Excel Intermediate, .
Thank you for the training session. I felt that you worked through at a pace that was easy to follow and understand. I noted down plenty of shortcuts and look forward to being able to use formulas and filters to reduce information to get outcomes much faster. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online - Excel Intermediate, .
I really enjoyed my course with Trainer Jason C. It was very comprehensive, he covered all topics in detail and clarified all our questions. -Excel Beginner Canberra
Raissa - Excel Beginner, .
Great trainer - explained everything well and always assisted when asked -Excel Intermediate Brisbane
Susan - Excel Intermediate, .
Great stuff Jason. Very good coverage. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Sanjay - Power BI Beginner, .

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