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Trainer was very patient and guiding such that participant was able to better appreciate role as site owner for a SharePoint site.
Zabar - SharePoint Intermediate Singapore, .
The training session was meticulously organized and clearly explained, proving to be highly beneficial. Jagg's impressive experience and extensive knowledge were evident, and he addressed all questions exceptionally well. I want to express my gratitude to MSA for coordinating this session with Nexacu and Jagg. Having participated in my third MSP training over the last 8 years, I can confidently say that this was the best one yet. It serves as a positive indication of Nexacu's quality, and I eagerly anticipate engaging in more training sessions with them in the future.
[email protected] - Project Intermediate Adelaide, .
Very knowledgeable instructor. Examples in the course manual on basic formulars like a button that returns to the home menu and general easy formulars. Thanks you
Gavin - Power Apps Intermediate Brisbane, .
Steven Knight
Vanita - Power Apps Intermediate Brisbane, .
good information,
Matthew - Power Apps Intermediate Brisbane, .
knowledgable and receptive trainer, good pace and clear
Jennifer - Excel Intermediate Remote East, .
Thanks for your patience and time today
Jennifer - Excel Intermediate Brisbane, .
Ulfa was absolutely fantastic. So much knowledge and really well presented.
Catherine - Excel Intermediate Brisbane, .
Very good at explaining excel. Well delivered
Tanya - Excel Intermediate Brisbane, .
Ulfa was a great and patient trainer!
Fiona - Excel Intermediate Brisbane, .
Gregory Watson was a really good trainer, very patient, kept us on track and I learned a lot! Thank you.
Roselle - Power BI Beginner Remote East, .
A very helpful course in SharePoint Advanced. Thank you Kate!
Laura - SharePoint Advanced Sydney, .
Thanks for the Course.
Donald - SharePoint Advanced Remote East, .
Greg's attention to detail and comprehensive approach truly made the learning experience enjoyable and valuable. His expertise in Power BI was evident, and he managed to explain complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner. Greg patiently addressed each query with enthusiasm, fostering an inclusive learning environment. A particular instance highlighted Greg's dedication to ensuring everyone grasped the material. Unfortunately, my internet dropped for around ten minutes, causing me to lose crucial content. However, Greg went above and beyond by sacrificing his lunch break to guide me through the missed material, ensuring I caught up seamlessly. This level of commitment is commendable and truly made a positive impact on my overall learning experience. I believe Greg's passion for teaching and his willingness to go the extra mile make him an invaluable asset to the training team. Please convey my gratitude to him and recognise his outstanding efforts in delivering a top-notch Power BI Beginner session. Thank you once again for organising such a valuable training program, and I look forward to future opportunities to learn from experts like Greg.
Flora - Power BI Beginner Remote East, .
Greg explained everything clearly and helped other attendees workshop their issues.
Libby - Power BI Beginner Remote East, .
Thank you Greg! I enjoyed the training very much and your dogs are very cute!
Sayuri - Power BI Beginner Remote East, .
Very engaging session with an awesome teacher
Anja - Power BI Beginner Remote East, .
Content is very clear and Greg is being really patient and helpful
Hau - Power BI Beginner Remote East, .
Excellent. Informative and light humor to keep interest throughout
Emilie - Power BI Beginner Remote East, .
Excellent trainer, easy to follow and considerate. Fun and made the day go quickly!
Sandra - Power BI Beginner Remote East, .

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