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Excellent, took the time to ensure that nobody was left behind. Made sure that we were allowed to ask questions how do to do things that we had in mind for after the course. Explained things in a manner that was simple English where you didn't need to be an IT specialist to know what he was speaking about.
Jodie - Power BI Beginner Perth, .
you have good teaching skills
Thanh - Power BI Beginner Perth, .
Perry is a great instructor.
Daman - Power BI Beginner Perth, .
Good pace for beginners Very informative Good exercises
Sarah - Power BI Beginner Perth, .
Graeme - Power BI Beginner Perth, .
Communicated well, easy to understand instructions and provided visuals. Provided time to complete tasks and ask questions.
Sue - SharePoint Beginner Perth, .
Jagg, I appreciated your efforts and felt that you well knew the material. I also appreciated that you were prepared to stop and go back to explain material. However, I felt you could have spent more time on each of the 3 types or levels of visualizations- whole workbook, individual pages and individual visualization, which were a foundation for later work. Nevertheless, I eventually understood the concepts and was ready to move on. In fact, I felt that you were generally rushed, indicated by the high number of occasions you went back to help participants to catch up! Please be patient, careful, and align your mindset with participants who are truly beginners (like myself), not with those participants who are more advanced. If you do so, then you will travel at a pace more suitable to the slowest of us learners!
Donald - Power BI Beginner Remote Online, .
Great introduction to Power BI basics. I respect the level of patience you have with those who take a while to follow on. Thanks Jagg
Matteo - Power BI Beginner Remote Online, .
Jagg was clear with all his instructions throughout. He set up the day well by providing context. He was patient and would not let anyone's questions or confusions go unanswered. Not an easy thing when combining online with face to face. I came in to the session feeling nervous about my ability, and left with a new confidence. I could not fault Jagg or how the training session was conducted today.
Regina - Power BI Beginner Remote Online, .
Very helpful, easy to follow and happy to answer questions. Thank you, I got a lot out of the session, the key points which will allow me to start working with PowerBi more confidently.
Angela - Power BI Beginner Remote Online, .
No feedback . Online can be a challenge for those not familiar with MS teams.
Roger - Power BI Beginner Remote Online, .
Jagg paced the course very well. Questions were considered and answered clearly.
Louise - Power BI Beginner Adelaide, .
Steven gave great training with quick witted remarks throughout the session. He answered all questions patiently and in technical but also layman's terms for people such as myself.
John - SharePoint Beginner 1 Day Remote Online, .
Thanks for the session, was very helpful in seeing examples of some R specific concepts explained clearly!
Giles - R Intermediate Remote Online, .
Great Content and exposure to SharePoint. The course pace was great for me. Learnt some good stuff today, Thanks.
David - SharePoint Beginner 1 Day Remote Online, .
Thank you for your all efforts today. It will be efficient if we could break the session as 2 parts because we are easily distracted by other usual business.
Taeho - SharePoint Beginner 1 Day Remote Online, .
Good delivery, good pace, good knowledge of content, good applicability to real life use cases. Would be good to learn some more about company best practices and ways to use various aspects of SP, particularly around pros/cons of each tool and what they are designed for/where they excel.
Ramez - SharePoint Beginner 1 Day Remote Online, .
trainer explained things very well, easy to follow along from home
Alexia - SharePoint Beginner 1 Day Remote Online, .
Thanks - very nice directed overview of Sharepoint
NIck - SharePoint Beginner 1 Day Remote Online, .
Excellent session. I have learned so much more about SP
Minnie - SharePoint Beginner 1 Day Remote Online, .

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