AI for Management - AI for Business

Managers and team leaders, learn how to equip yourself with the understanding needed to leverage AI for various business contexts and operations

This course is delivered live online, remotely across Hong Kong. 

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This one-day course concentrates on extending AI into business, specifically tailored for managers and team leaders. Our 'AI for Management' course provides an overview of AI in a business context, focusing on AI training for leaders and AI usage in business operations. This course serves as a companion to our other courses in this product range, such as Effective Prompting and ChatGPT Beginner, providing comprehensive training for management professionals.

Students will be provided with a Open AI - ChatGPT license for the duration of this course. We use hands-on, real-world examples to help you understand what is possible with this new and highly productive way to work.

AI for Management - AI for Business

Managers and team leaders, learn how to equip yourself with the understanding needed to leverage AI for various business contexts and operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on creating systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as understanding natural language, recognizing patterns, solving problems, and learning from data.

What skills will I gain from attending this course?

By attending this course, you will gain the ability to craft effective prompts for various types of AI applications and learn how to optimise the use of Large Language Models to automate tasks, generate content, and enhance software development. You'll also acquire practical skills in managing potential issues such as data bias and hallucinations in AI outputs.

Who can benefit from these courses?

Professionals looking to automate routine tasks, content creators aiming to generate engaging material, software developers seeking to enhance their coding efficiency, and anyone interested in leveraging AI to improve productivity and creativity can benefit from this course.

Do I need any prior AI knowledge before I take this course?

No, but it will be an advantage if you have a good foundational knowledge of AI tools and terminologies, particularly those related to Large Language Models like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Microsoft's Copilot implementations.

Can I take this course online?

All of our AI courses are currently run remotely to allow for the maximum number of students for these very popular courses.

Will there be practical exercises during the course?

Yes, the course includes hands-on learning with practical exercises and examples, allowing participants to apply their knowledge using tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft's 365 Copilot in a lab environment.

Will I be able to continue to learn after the completion of the course?

Yes, you will have continued access to the lab environments for 30 days after the course, enabling you to practice and extend your learning beyond the classroom.

What is remote training?

Remote training means our team of experienced trainers will deliver your training virtually. Students can access our usual classroom training courses via video conferencing, ask questions, participate in discussions and share their screen with the trainer if they need help at any point in the course. Students have the same level of participation and access to the trainer as they would in classroom training sessions.

What AI courses are available from Nexacu that will help me to improve my AI knowledge and understanding?

There are 5 AI courses that are available from Nexacu:

- Effective Prompting
Chat GPT Beginner 
- AI for Managers
- AI for Business Leaders
- Copilot for M365

Is there a certification upon completion of these courses?

Yes, we provide certificates of completion to acknowledge your newfound skills in AI technologies which can be added to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

AI for Management AI for Business Course Details

1 day
9am - 4.30pm (approx)
Class Size (max)
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Reference Materials
CPD Hours
6 hours
Instructor-led training
Live Online

AI for Business Course Outlines

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AI for Business

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What do I need to know to attend?

Before coming on this course, it is highly recommended that participants have an understanding of computers and business applications such as Office 365, but no prior AI experience is necessary. Participants are recommended to have attended one of our AI-specific courses in this range of products, such as Effective Prompting, AI for Business, and Open AI - Chat GPT. Participants will have access to a Teams version of Open AI and ChatGPT for completion of examples and practical exercises. Additionally, they will have access to an Office 365 lab environment fully licensed for Microsoft's M365 Copilot with sample data pre-provisioned. There will be continued access to the lab environments for 30 days after your course (subject to availability).

AI for Management AI for Business Learning Outcomes

Our 'AI for Management' course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence (AI) and its practical applications within various business contexts. Over the span of this one-day course, we will journey from basic understanding to engaging with AI technologies enabled by large language models. The knowledge acquired in this learning experience will equip business leaders with the understanding needed to leverage AI for more efficient decision-making and business operations, including ChatGPT training and effective AI use in business contexts.

AI for Management AI for Business Course Content

  • Generative AI Basics
  • Data AI and Search AI
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Generative AI applications
  • OpenAI and ChatGPT
  • Introduction to OpenAI
  • ChatGPT operations
  • Practical applications and ethics
  • Advanced features and techniques
  • Microsoft AI & Copilots
  • Bing Copilot
  • Windows Copilot
  • 365 Copilot
  • GitHub Copilot
  • Power Platform Copilot
  • Copilot Studio
  • Security Copilot
  • AI Models
  • Text and Image Generation
  • Vision and Speech Services
  • Moderation and Embeddings
  • Security, Compliance, and Privacy
  • Extending AI with your own Data
  • OpenAI GPTs
  • Azure OpenAI
  • Semantic Search
  • Implementation & Bots
  • Bot Framework
  • Composer
  • Power Platform AI Hub
  • Copilot Studio

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