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Stuart was comprehensive in discussing the course content today of which a lot of it was relevant in relation to charts, and building of reports ie slicers etc. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Melissa - Excel Intermediate, .
The delivery was clear and the content explained well. Some of the later content like pie charts, etc won't necessarily be relevant for my role but it was good to go through. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Shane - Excel Intermediate, .
Excellent Training Session - Trainer was very patient and insightful. -Excel Intermediate Perth
Kristy - Excel Intermediate, .
I enjoyed the course. Perry showed us so many amazing things that Excel can do. -Excel Intermediate Perth
Natalia - Excel Intermediate, .
Due to time constrains, perhaps a list of priority topics could be created at the start of the session to ensure the students have the best chance to cover what they need. (Obviously some topics require earlier topics to understand) -Excel Intermediate Perth
Kieron - Excel Intermediate, .
Very thorough and slowly explained concepts, giving students the chance to process the information and ask questions. Constantly asked if students understood the explanation and explained further if needed. Grasped an idea of students knowledge before progressing instead of assuming. -Excel Intermediate Perth
Chelsea - Excel Intermediate, .
Excellent communicator. Very well explained. -Excel Intermediate Perth
Hayley - Excel Intermediate, .
Excellent ! -Excel Intermediate Perth
Joanne - Excel Intermediate, .
The trainer explained the content very well and made it very easy to understand and follow at the same time. -Office 365 Customised Remote Online
Brianna - Office 365 Customised, .
Learned a lot -Office 365 Customised Remote Online
Bea - Office 365 Customised, .
Very descriptive. Very patient. Very helpful -Office 365 Customised Remote Online
Troy - Office 365 Customised, .
Steven was very good - especially when you consider the different levels we are all at. He was very patient and helpful with our staff who are a bit less digitally savvy than the rest. -Office 365 Customised Remote Online
Mia - Office 365 Customised, .
Steven was very helpful. He was knowledgeable and personable, tailored the content for us, kept us engaged and had a bit of fun with us along the way. -Office 365 Customised Remote Online
Vicki - Office 365 Customised, .
All good -Office 365 Customised Remote Online
Lyle - Office 365 Customised, .
Well presented. Very engaging. Learned a lot. Thank you -Office 365 Customised Remote Online
Justin - Office 365 Customised, .
Steven was patient and a great teacher -Office 365 Customised Remote Online
Mei-sze - Office 365 Customised, .
Steven worked hard to engage the group and make the content interesting and dynamic -Office 365 Customised Remote Online
Gavin - Office 365 Customised, .
Great Course, lot of knowledge gained -Excel Intermediate Perth
Nicole - Excel Intermediate, .
Fantastic. Thank you -Excel Intermediate Perth
martha - Excel Intermediate, .
Great -Excel Intermediate Perth
Wendy - Excel Intermediate, .

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