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Just one small improvement

Making one small improvement today will most likely not change your life overnight. However, making small changes every day can and will most likely change your life. The individuals and the organisations that can do the right things more consistently are more likely to become or maintain their success. You don’t need to be twice as good to get twice the results. You just need to be slightly better.

See below 3 ways you can lift your game to improve every area of your life.

#1 Do more of what works

One important mistake people make regarding self-improvement if that they often waste the ideas and resources already at their fingertips because they don’t seem new and exciting.

There are numerous examples of behaviors big and small that have the possibility to drive progress in our lives if we just commit to them more consistently. For example, making sure you brush and floss every day and not missing workouts. Performing fundamental business or work tasks every day and not just when you have time. Apologizing more often and spending more quality time with family and friends.

#2 Minimize small losses

In most cases, improvement is not about doing more things right but doing less things wrong. All humans are susceptible to making mistakes but that does not mean that they should be excused. Try to make sure you don’t get the important things wrong.

Focus less on things that don’t work, eliminate mistakes and reduce complexity by stripping away the inessential.


Education: Avoid making stupid mistakes.

Exercise: Don’t miss workouts.

Nutrition: Eat fewer unhealthy snacks and meals.

Investing: Limit your risk and don’t lose money.

In the real world, it is often easier to improve your performance by cutting the downside rather than capturing the upside. Subtraction is more practical than addition.


#3 Measure success backwards

Most people measure their progress by looking forward. Setting goals and planning milestones to achieve. Although there is nothing wrong with this approach it more often than not causes more stress than necessary as you are constantly look to the future and not dealing with the now.

Measuring backward means you make decisions based on what has already happened, not on what you want to happen.


Weight loss: measure your calorie intake. Did you eat 3,500 calories per day last week? Focus on averaging 3,400 per day this week.

Relationships: Did you introduce yourself to someone new in the office this week? Focus on introducing yourself to one new person this week.

If you measure backward, improvement becomes easier. What did you do last week? And how can improve by just a little bit this week?

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The topics chosen were very useful. I especially think the If statements, vlook up, pivot table and flash fill will work well for me in the future. Michael was very helpful and always stopped to assist those who needed further info. He was also happy to answers questions in general related to excel. Potentially needed some polls or questions within the training to check learning and understanding. -Excel Intermediate Sydney
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