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5 Simple Steps To Build Confidence

August 15, 2017

Success and confidence

In our professional lives and personal lives there will be times when we are forced to step outside of our comfort zones and look like we are doing great things to succeed. If you struggle with self-confidence in your professional life, here are six steps that will help.

1. Keep Learning

Always know what’s going on in your profession and the direction they are looking to take the company. Act on that knowledge and attend seminars and courses relevant to your profession. Some professions force you to keep your skills updated like the medical and accounting professions. For other industries you need to be proactive in your learning.


2. Have a clear vision

One method to improve your confidence is to establish objectives. By having a concise vision of what you want your career to become, you will be in an improved position to work toward that goal. Make sure that your goals are SMART; Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic and Time-Based. Be clear in the direction you want to take your career, finding a balance that works for you regarding the amount you want to work and the amount you want to earn.


3. Take a Risk

Helen Keller once said, “Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. Some will nod their heads approvingly, others are a lot more comfortable just doing what they have always done before. Someplace in the middle is the knowledge that making progress requires being open to fresh ideas, technology and occasionally, fresh environments. These fresh methods of doing things temporarily remove us from our comfort zones, and they often lead to great things as well. If a concept needs the experience of others, we should always be open to reaching out to those who are able to help to succeed.


4. Ditch doubt

If you in possession of great ideas, but a phobia of moving ahead has you paralyzed, take it step by step. Sometimes we can get so overwhelmed that we start to doubt whether we can do it at all. Many times we’ll blame lack of knowledge, funds and support when in fact we’re blocking our road to success. Don’t not listen to the negativity; have faith and succeed.


5. Give yourself recognition for the small things you have achieved

When you do great work at work, celebrate. As you diffuse a problem that might have exploded out of control, give yourself a pat on your back. Those little victories will serve as a reminder of how talented you are and that your success journey has just started.

Others may help you on your path to self-confidence, but ultimately it is up to you. Follow the above steps and they will guide you towards what you need to improve professionally and that you are able and prepared to excel.


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