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Learn about the advanced capabilities of Power Apps when combined with the Common Data Service (CDS). You will deliver a case study solution leveraging the CDS to securely store and manage data that's used by your business applications. You will setup entities, logic and validation in CDS and explore building Model-Driven Apps and Portals.

Along with Power Apps you'll also learn to incorporate the Power Platform including Power Automate and Power BI to expand the capability of your apps.

Power Apps Advanced Courses Manila

Nexacu Power Apps

Learn the advanced capabilities of Power Apps from experienced trainers. Available remote online in Indonesia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Power Apps used in the workplace?

Power Apps is the platform and how it is used is as varied as Microsoft's customer base. A common use of Power Apps is as a data collection tool. Workers in the field collect data via the app on their device which is then collated in the cloud. The combined data can be consumed using Power BI to drive actions. 

What is Remote Training?

Remote training at Nexacu, means our team of experienced trainers will deliver your training virtually. With remote learning students can access our usual classroom training courses via video conferencing, ask questions, participate in discussion and share their screen with the trainer if they need help at any point in the course. Students have the same level of participation and access to the trainer as they would in classroom training sessions. 

Which courses are available remotely?

Currently all of our Public Courses are available to be delivered remotely. Book any course as normal and you will receive login details and instructions the evening before your course.

Power Apps Advanced Manila Course Details

6120010 5100000 IDR
1 day
9am - 4pm ( approx )
Class Size (max)
Class Size (avg)
Reference Materials
CPD Hours
6 hours
Instructor-led training
Live Online
Scientia Business Park Tower II, 2th Floor, Jalan Boulevad Gading Serpong Block 0/2, Serpong, 0, Indonesia

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What do I need to know to attend?

  • Students should have attended our Power Apps Beginner and Intermediate courses.

Power Apps Advanced Manila Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course you should be able to:
  • Understand the full depth of the Power Apps capabilities
  • Create and modify Microsoft Dataflex Pro (Common data service) to store your data

  • Connect canvas and model-driven apps to Dataflex Pro
  • Create Portal apps to allow external users to view data

Power Apps Advanced Manila Course Content

  • Introduction to Power Platform
  • What is the Power Platform
  • Components of the Power Platform
  • The Common Data Service (CDS) and the Power Platform


  • Licensing requirements
  • Understanding different licensing
  • Understanding per app licensing
  • Understanding per user licensing
  • Understanding portal subscriptions


  • Case study introduction
  • The business problem
  • Planning a Power Platform solution


  • Common data service
  • What is the Common Data Service
  • What is the Common data model
  • Understanding elements of the Common Data Service


  • Creating a solution
  • What is a solution
  • When to use solutions
  • Create a solution in Common Data Service


  • Creating a publisher
  • What is a publisher
  • When to use publishers
  • Create a publisher in Common Data Service


  • Entities
  • What is an entity
  • Exploring standard entities
  • Creating an entity
  • Exploring custom entities


  • Fields
  • What is a field
  • What is a primary field
  • Exploring standard fields in an entity
  • Creating date fields
  • Creating option set fields
  • Fields (cont'd)
  • Creating a new Option set
  • Creating currency fields
  • Creating text fields
  • Creating calculated fields
  • Creating image fields


  • Saving your entity
  • Understand when to save your entity


  • Adding data to an Entity
  • How to add data via Excel
  • Add data within Power Apps
  • Add images to records


  • Using views
  • Understanding what views are
  • Using views to see data
  • Editing existing views
  • Creating new views


  • Using forms
  • Understanding what forms are
  • Using forms to see records
  • Editing existing forms
  • Creating new forms


  • Entity relationships
  • Exploring standard relationships
  • Understanding different types of relationships
  • Creating a relationship between entities


  • Business Rules
  • What are business rules
  • When to use business rules
  • Creating a business rule
  • Setting a field value
  • Hiding a field
  • Validating, saving and activating business rules


  • Adding data to an entity
  • Different ways of adding data
  • Adding data using Excel
  • Adding data through a form
  • Editing forms


  • Canvas Apps
  • Uploading a pre-built canvas app
  • Displaying the app version in the app


  • Connecting Canvas app to entity
  • Connecting to Common Data Service entities
  • Connecting CDS data source to a gallery


  • Setting up the Canvas App
  • Adding a form
  • Editing fields
  • Using a gallery to select records
  • Understanding look up fields in canvas apps
  • Entering data via the Canvas App
  • Searching entity data
  • Using a barcode to find data
  • Sharing canvas apps


  • Model-driven app
  • What is a model-driven app
  • Purpose of using a model-driven app
  • Relationship between app and data types


  • Creating Model-driven app
  • Creating a model-driven app
  • Understanding a site map
  • Editing a site map
  • Using the App designer
  • Creating a new view in the app designer
  • Creating Model-driven app (cont'd)
  • Using related fields in views
  • Playing the app
  • Editing a form in the app designer
  • Publishing all customizations
  • Sharing model-driven apps
  • Changing data with the model-driven app


  • Business process flows
  • Understanding business process flows
  • Creating a new business process flows
  • Adding stages
  • Adding data steps
  • Adding conditions
  • Connecting steps


  • Portal App
  • Understanding Common Data Service connectors in Power Automate
  • Creating a flow in a solution
  • Understanding CDS triggers
  • Using CDS actions to retrieve data


  • Portal Apps
  • What is a Portal app
  • Purpose of using a portal app
  • Creating a portal app


  • Administering Portal Apps
  • Understanding different options of administering a portal
  • Exploring the portal admin center
  • Understanding the model-driven management app
  • Exploring the portal management app
  • Exploring the portal designer


  • Content management of a Portal App
  • Updating website content with click and type
  • Updating website content with code
  • Updating website content through model-driven app
  • Adding pages to a portal site


  • Connecting CDS to Portal App
  • Connecting CDS to the portal
  • Displaying data in a portal


  • Security of a Portal App
  • Understanding portal security and permissions
  • Creating web page access control rules
  • Applying permissions to a page
  • How to authenticate a user
  • Viewing a restricted page

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Very informative and engaging. Good teacher -Excel Intermediate Brisbane
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This course was amazing. Michael was such an engaging teacher and kept the class so informative and so easy to follow. We had a great time learning the content of this course and we loved the small class we were in. We could ask a lot of questions and enjoy the whole course at the same time. This was one of many courses I have attended with Nexacu and all the teachers are great. Michael is my favourite. 5 Stars from me from all perspectives !!! -Excel Macros/VBA 2 Day Parramatta
Jacqueline - Excel Macros/VBA 2 Day, .
Moved a bit quicker than the beginner but showed good examples of what you can do. I certainly need to go away and practice with some real data to apply what I have learned today. Many thanks -Power BI Intermediate Adelaide
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Thanks for the help! -Power BI Intermediate Adelaide
Bradley - Power BI Intermediate, .
Brilliant - learnt so much. Many thanks Jagg -Power BI Intermediate Adelaide
John - Power BI Intermediate, .
was able to learn new formulas and functions that will help me in the future. -Power BI Intermediate Adelaide
Estelle - Power BI Intermediate, .
Learnt a lot on how to manipulate and clean up data. Learnt to better manage permissions to data. Learnt more on the date functions, though still don't know how to calculate current week/previous week comparisons. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Kristina - Power BI Intermediate, .
Learnt many items with Power Query and DAX, along with row level security which is of particular interest with the types of personnel reports I will need to build. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
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Excellent content, great teacher. Thank you! -Excel Intermediate Melbourne
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Steven was incredibly helpful in training us. He took the time to understand our professional roles and relate what we were learning to our day to day tasks. He was patient and professional. Thank you! -Word Intermediate Brisbane
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