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R Programming Certification Thailand

Earn an R Programming Certification. Learn to perform Data Analysis efficiently with R programming. Attend instructor led classes, consolidate your learnings with weekly exercises and build a capstone project to showcase your skill. Your instructor will support you throughout.

R Programming 

Become R Programming Certified in Bangkok. Learn to use R for Data Analysis, build a capstone project to showcase your skills & achieve certification.

R Programming  Certification


Capstone Project
Final Exam

฿ 47,610

12 weeks


3 instructor-led courses
Practice exercises

Develop and showcase your proficiency as an R programmer.

For anyone working with data, proficiency with the R programming language can take your skillset to the next level. R is an extremely flexible and powerful tool for data analysis and visualisation. It integrates with many other software products, extending their functionality. And R is free to use.

Becoming comfortable and efficient working with a code-based tool like R takes time and practice. While training courses provide an invaluable head start, real proficiency is developed by doing. Our certification pathway is a supportive program, providing opportunities to write your own code from scratch, make your own mistakes and learn to do your own research and reading.

Through our R Programming Certification, you will gain the experience and confidence to work efficiently with R in real-world situations.

Your expert instructor will support you throughout the program.

As well as taking you through our R Programming Basics, R Programming Beginner and R Programming Intermediate courses, your instructor will be available to you for 12 weeks. You may choose to meet regularly for feedback and discussion.

Your instructor will provide support and mentoring for any R projects you might be working on - not just practice exercises and the Capstone Project.

On completion of the certification path, you will have experience developing your own code, suitable for a range of analysis tasks. You will know how to find and use new functions and seek out other sources of help. You will also have a portfolio of reusable code that you can draw upon professionally and showcase for potential employers.

  • r programming nexacu
    R Programming Basics
    Learn the absolute basics of programming in R and using RStudio.
  • Practice exercises
    Apply and extend your R skills by completing weekly data analysis challenges.
  • r programming nexacu
    R Programming Beginner
    Learn to analyse data in R. Manipulate data and create visualisations in R.
  • Support and Consulting
    Contact your expert instructor for help with any of your R-related questions.
  • r programming nexacu
    R Programming Intermediate
    Work more efficiently in R, write custom functions, loops and functionals, piping and ggplot2.
  • Capstone Project
    Use R to work on a project that relates to your professional or personal interests, with the support of your trainer.
  • R Programming Cert mini
    Exam & Certification
    Students who have achieved a satisfactory level of proficiency in R are awarded certification.
 Up To 12 Students

Attend courses in-class or online

Instructor-led courses that can be attended live or remotely.
 Online And Remote

Unlimited support from course coordinators

Get unlimited support from our course coordinators as you work through your Capstone Project and prepare for our exam.
Learning Materials Icon

Practice and Prepare

Work through supplementary material to build your understanding and prepare for the exam.
Graduation Cap Icon

Achieve Certification

Receive your micro credential and share your achievement.
Instructor-led courses that can be attended live or remotely.
Get unlimited support from our course coordinators as you work through your Capstone Project and prepare for our exam.
Work through supplementary material to build your understanding and prepare for the exam.
Receive your micro credential and share your achievement.
Learn - Practice - Support - Achieve

What is a Capstone Project?

Your Capstone project is an opportunity to work on a project that has relevance to you or your company, with the support of your trainer. On completion, you will have a project that you can add to a professional portfolio to showcase your skills and reusable scripts for data manipulation and analysis.
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Weekly Exercises

It will take time and practice to become a confident R user. The following weekly exercises have been developed to provide you with opportunities to practice your programming in R.

These exercises have been designed for you to practice using R between classes. You can upload your results into our portal for our trainer to provide direct feedback.
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What do you get as part of the R Programming Certification Pathway?

nexacu r programming cert
Showcase your achievements with a Capstone Project and Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol in an R Certification Pathway?

Click on the Book Now button above. Then choose dates that suit you to attend the instructor-led classes. Students should first book into R Programming Basics and R Beginner classes. We recommend that students spend a few weeks practising the R skills they have learned before attending the R Intermediate class.

What happens after I have enrolled in a certification pathway?

Once you have made a booking and payment, you will receive a welcoming email with instructions on how to join the Nexacu R Certification Microsoft Team. This will give you access to support and consulting with Nexacu's R expert. You will also be provided with access to additional learning materials resources hosted on our dedicated SharePoint site.

How long does it take to complete certification?

Students begin the certification pathway by attending an R Programming Basics class. Access to 12 weeks of support and consulting will begin upon completion of this class. You can attend an R Beginner class at any time after completing R Programming Basics. We recommend that students spend a few weeks practising the R skills they have learned before attending the R Intermediate. You can work through practice exercises and build your Capstone Project at your own pace. Typically the course will be completed within 8-12 weeks.

When will I be awarded the credential?

You will be issued with a digital badge once you have submitted a satisfactory capstone project and have passed the exam. Your badge will be issued on the Acclaim by Credly platform and will be ready to share on LinkedIn. 

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