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SharePoint Site Owner Training Malaysia

Learn to use SharePoint effectively and improve collaboration

Use SharePoint Online effectively for seamless collaboration and information management. SharePoint allows you to build secure sites within your organization. Learn to create and manage your own sub sites, lists and libraries. Gain and understanding of Web Parts and Apps. Create Workflows and learn how to manage permissions and security settings on your sites. You can create sites for departments, teams or projects and control access and permissions accordingly. Read our full course outline below.

SharePoint Site Owner Training Malaysia

sharepoint courses nexacu
Learn to create SharePoint sites, manage documents libraries, lists and more. Remote Training led by our experienced trainers across Malaysia.
RM 2,830
10 max
2 days

SharePoint Site Owner Malaysia Course Details

RM 2,830
2 days
9am - 4pm ( approx )
Class Size (max)
Class Size (avg)
Reference Materials
CPD Hours
12 hours
Instructor-led training
Live Online
Level 3A Sunway Visio Tower
Lingkaran SV
Sunway Velocity
Kuala Lumpur 55100

SharePoint Course Outlines

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What do I need to know to attend?

  • This is an entry level course.
  • There is no specific requirement for this course but the student should be a regular computer user.
  • Some exposure to Microsoft Office is recommended.
  • We will walk you through SharePoint, right from the start.

SharePoint Site Owner Malaysia Learning Outcomes

  • understand the basics of SharePoint including SharePoint sites and their components
  • navigate SharePoint sites
  • work with documents, lists and libraries
  • perform searches in SharePoint
  • use the social networking features
  • work with OneDrive For Business
  • create, modify and delete sites in your personal site
  • prepare a training site
  • create and work with files and list items
  • create lists and libraries
  • work with calendars and events


  • create, modify and delete views for lists and libraries
  • create and work with wiki pages
  • create and work with web part pages
  • understand workflows and be able to create and work with three-state workflows
  • create custom list workflows in SharePoint Designer
  • create and work with custom content types and document set content types
  • create and modify team sites and create a custom template from a SharePoint site
  • create a project and community site
  • work with Search in your site
  • manage the security for a site and its content

SharePoint Site Owner Malaysia Course Content

  • Getting to know SharePoint Online
  • What Is SharePoint
  • SharePoint Sites
  • Team Sites
  • Core Elements of a SharePoint Site
  • SharePoint Apps
  • Accessing SharePoint Online
  • Signing Out of SharePoint
  • Creating Team Sites
  • Sites and Site Collections
  • Understanding Creating Sites
  • Creating a Team Site
  • Quickly Changing the Theme
  • Changing the Logo
  • Change the Look Options
  • Changing the Look of a Site
  • Navigating a SharePoint Site
  • Navigation Elements in a SharePoint Site
  • Navigating a Site Using the Quick Launch
  • Customising the Quick Launch
  • Displating All Content in Your Site
  • Navigating to Your Delve Profile
  • Following a Site
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Understanding OneDrive for Business
  • Accessing OneDrive for Business
  • Uploading Files
  • Creating New Files
  • Creating New Folders
  • Editing Files
  • Sharing Files
  • Synchronising Your Library
  • Deleting Files and Folders
  • Getting Started With Libraries
  • Understanding Library Apps
  • Uploading a Single File
  • Uploading Multiple Files
  • Creating a New Folder in a Library
  • Selecting Files
  • Reading a Document
  • Downloading a Copy of a Document
  • Editing a Document
  • Deleting a File
  • Restoring a Deleted File
  • Working With Libraries
  • Understanding Document Co-authoring
  • Emailing a Link to a File
  • Synchronising a Library or Folder
  • Viewing Properties
  • Editing the Properties of a File
  • Understanding Versioning and Check Out
  • Using Check in and Check Out
  • Viewing Version History
  • Approving or Rejecting a File or List Item
  • Restoring an Earlier Version
  • Checking Permissions on Files
  • Sorting and Filtering Libraries
  • Creating an Alert on a Document
  • Creating an Alert on a Library
  • Managing Your Alerts
  • Working With Lists
  • Understanding Lists
  • Adding to a List
  • Adding Items to a List
  • Adding Columns
  • Creating a List from a List App
  • Creating a New Item in a List
  • Creating a New List Item Using Quick Edit
  • Editing the Properties of a List Item
  • Deleting a File or List Item
  • Restoring a Deleted List Item
  • Working With Calendars
  • Adding a Calendar
  • Adding an Event
  • Adding a Recurring Event
  • Changing an Event
  • Connecting a Calendar to Outlook
  • Working With Connected Calendars in Outlook
  • Disconnecting a SharePoint Calendar
  • Deleting an Event
  • Setting Up for Calendars Overlay
  • Using Calendars Overlay
  • Creating Views 
  • Creating a New View From an Existing View
  • Creating a Custom View
  • Understanding the Create View Page
  • Selecting the Columns
  • Modifying a View
  • Specifying Sort Criteria
  • Specifying Filter Criteria
  • Specifying Grouping Criteria
  • Creating a Dynamic View
  • Creating a Calendar List View
  • Deleting a View
  • Getting Help
  • Using Help
  • Searching in SharePoint
  • Searching in a Library or List
  • Using Google to Get Help
  • Advanced Lists
  • Importing a List from Excel
  • Publishing an Excel Table as List
  • Updating Data in a Connected Excel Table
  • Adding a Custom List
  • Understanding Column Types
  • Adding a Column to a List
  • Adding a Column With Custom Validation
  • The List and Library Settings Page
  • Modifying a Column in a List or Library
  • Deleting a Column From a List or Library
  • Reordering Columns in a List or Library
  • Renaming a List or Library
  • Changing the Versioning Settings
  • Creating Multiple Items From Excel
  • Editing the Document Template for a Library
  • Deleting a List or Library
  • Working With Pages
  • Understanding Page Types
  • Placing the Home Page in Edit Mode
  • Modifying the Home Page Layout
  • Modifying the Home Page Web Parts
  • Creating a New Wiki Page
  • Placing a Page in Edit Mode
  • Inserting and Formatting Text
  • Inserting Tables
  • Inserting Pictures
  • Inserting Links
  • Inserting Web Parts Into a Text
  • Editor Control
  • Linking to an Existing Wiki Page
  • Linking to a New Wiki Page
  • Renaming a Wiki Page
  • Deleting a Page
  • Site Templates
  • Understanding Site Templates and Subsites
  • Creating a Communication Site
  • Customising a Communication Site
  • Home Page
  • Creating a Blog Subsite
  • The Blog Subsite
  • Creating a New Blog Post
  • Creating a Team Subsite
  • Creating a Project Subsite
  • SharePoint Workflows
  • Understanding Workflows
  • Creating a New Workflow
  • The Flow Information Page
  • The Flow Designer
  • Customising a Workflow
  • The Flow Homepage
  • Testing a Workflow
  • Deleting a Workflow
  • The Flow Mobile App
  • Content Types
  • Understanding Site Columns
  • Understanding Content Types
  • Creating a Content Type
  • Adding Columns to a Content Type
  • Adding a Content Type to a Library
  • Using a Custom Content Type
  • Changing the Template for a Content Type
  • Understanding Document Sets
  • Creating a Document Set Content Type
  • Configuring a Document Set Content Type
  • Removing a Content Type From a Library
  • Managing Security
  • Understanding Permissions
  • Understanding Inheritance
  • Breaking Permissions Inheritance
  • Viewing Permissions for Groups
  • Viewing Permissions for Users
  • Adding Users to a Group
  • Removing Users From a Group
  • Creating a Custom Group
  • Modifying a Group
  • Deleting a group
  • Viewing Permissions on Libraries and Lists
  • Granting Unique Permissions to a Library
  • Restoring Permissions Inheritance
  • Saving and Publishing a Workflow
  • Creating Customised Permission Levels
  • The SharePoint Mobile App
  • Signing in to the SharePoint Mobile App
  • Navigating the SharePoint Mobile App
  • Navigating a Site in the Mobile App
  • Working with People
  • Working with Me
  • Social Networking
  • Understanding Delve
  • Accessing Delve
  • Editing Your Profile Page
  • Checking the Language and Region Settings
  • Working with Boards
  • Working with Favourites
  • Using Your Blog
  • The Delve Mobile App

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